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Healing, Courage & Unity

The Place of Courage is the brain child of Helen Oxenham who started one of the first Women’s Shelter in South Australia, Helen has worked and lobbied tirelessly for this cause for the past 45 years in her desire to protect women and children. She was awarded an Order of Australian Medal (O.A.M) in recognition of her dedication.

More than one woman loses her life each WEEK to domestic violence and many more live in daily fear.

Place of Courage

The Place of Courage

The project titled ‘The Place of Courage (Adelaide Central) will be a space of comfort and healing, an environment that will promote unity and courage, enabling women to speak up and out about their experiences. The Place of Courage will be the first dedicated public art space in Australia (and possibly in the world) to recognise and confront the impact of family and domestic violence, providing a catalyst for positive and lasting change. The Place of Courage is designed to have multiple uses.  It is space for private reflection, a place for community gatherings including vigils, marches and student education as well as a location recognising the disproportionate burden that family violence imposes on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities in Australia. The Place of Courage (Adelaide Central) is a ‘living’ space that supports all individuals touched by domestic and family violence by embodying the ongoing expression of strengthcourage and fortitude. 

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