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Current Events

Spirit of Woman will be hosting two events during the 16 days of activism:

Movie screening – 8 December 2020, 6.00pm

Brazen Hussies documentary, celebrating the women of the Liberation Movement; Capri Theatre

(This is also a fundraiser for Place of Courage; ticket price includes free glass of champagne!)


Webinar (free) – 10 December, 2.30pm
Business as Unusual – How 2020 has changed the game for managing domestic violence disclosures


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Place of Courage

Who We Are

Spirit of Woman is a not-for-profit organisation, seeking to end the silence and to raise awareness about the impact of domestic and family violence. We intend to commission a contemporary public artwork and landscaped surrounds in the Adelaide CBD and other Council areas, to create a space that acknowledges the impact of domestic and family violence on people, families, our community and our country. This space is designed to help survivors speak up and eradicate the feeling of being alone. Most importantly, this space will act as a catalyst to start a conversation between people like you and me, so we can face domestic and family violence head on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to commission The Place of Courage, a public space that acknowledges and educates the community about the impact of domestic and family violence.

Our Values

Five pillars guide our activities. These are Community, Stand Together, Education, Spirit, and Lived Experience.

1. Community – We stand in grace, support and love with our community including Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities.

2. Stand Together—reducing domestic and family violence needs everyone standing together, hand in hand.

3. Education –The Place of Courage will be a landmark to inspire all generations to foster a non-violence family culture.

4. Spirit – lies in the core of all social change, and The Place of Courage will epitomise this community spirit.

5. Lived Experience –The Place of Courage will be a public space to share, listen and build trust through honouring and listening to survivors.

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