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Healing, Courage & Unity

We want to influence our community for real and sustainable change through our actions to end domestic violence.
Together we can work towards enhancing the status of women and ending violence against women. In our education and advocacy efforts, we will work to inform the general public about the need for equal treatment of women.
We actively encourage and engage men in our call for change.

Our Spirit

We DEMAND a future free from domestic violence

We aim to provide a place of comfort and HEALING

We promote COURAGE to speak out and raise awareness

We want UNITY and harmony for everyone

~ Founder Helen Oxenham

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Help us create a contemporary public artwork

Spirit of Woman is championing the design and construction of South Australia’s first ever Commemorative Project dedicated to the victims and survivors of domestic violence right in the heart of Adelaide City and in Christies Beach where Helen set up the women’s shelter.

Read about the significant of Adelaide City and Christies Beach in Helen’s Story.

Creations of domestic violence projects are much needed in today’s society. Humanity needs a place to heal, to mourn and to remember the women and children who have predominantly died at the hands of domestic violence. Our project will not only support those who are mourning the loss of their mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends, but will act as a shadow of support for women who are still silently suffering.

The Spirit of Woman Commemorative Projects are both currently underway and have the support of both councils. You can help show your support for the commemorative projects by signing our petition.

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Take our community survey

We are launching our community survey, designed to be non-invasive to establish a framework for what the commemorative healing site should be, and how we wish to be represented by the memorial. Additionally, the survey is for the community participation for frontline workers who wish to contribute their ideas and desires to the community consultation process. 

It is our hope that DV vigils, marches, protests and DV/feminist community events could be held in this space. It could also be a reflective, peaceful space for individuals and the community to come together to mourn those we have lost, as well as to heal the residual emotional wounds incurred from domestic violence. 

Ultimately Spirit of Woman hopes that the creation of a public space dedicated to domestic violence will add to the conversations that are currently occurring around domestic violence and further promote the notion that domestic violence is everyone’s problem. Spirit of Woman hopes to open the door to talk about DV within our community. Currently, Australia does not have a national memorial for domestic violence. Spirit of Woman is hoping to change this. 

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